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Full custom Pullip – Twiggy

One of my first custom dolls

A young, adorable girl Twiggy from the big city. She flutters through the winter streets, not afraid of snow and frost. She is warmed by a delicate, fluffy snow-white scarf, decorated with a cute brooch in the shape of a rose. Under a warm coat is a small pink dress, in which you can go and dance at any time. Tights with white polka dots, a delicate satin ribbon on the head complete the cute pullip look.

Handcrafted chips make the doll look alive and deep. A ginger wig adds brightness to Twiggy’s look. Make-up done with Vallejo acrylic paints, Faber – Castell pastels and watercolors. Fixed with Mr. Super Clear.


Welcome to my magical world!



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