Welcome to my magical world of creativity

I'm Yulia Ryadinskaya - Russian master of author dolls, custom Pullip and Blythe, teddy toys since 2012.

Custom Pullip

Most of my work are custom Pullips

Custom Blythe

I love these cute and funny big-eyed dolls. Unfortunately, I don't spend much time with them. But I also do custom Blythe

Artist dolls

Since 2019 I created my own ball jointed dolls

For dolls, I independently make clothes and shoes, various accessories. Careful work on detailing allows my dolls to look truly alive.

In my work I use materials of the highest quality. The clothes are made from natural fabrics of hand dyeing, with the addition of vintage lace, French and English lace, silk ribbons. The shoes are made by my hands from genuine leather. I manually knit to my dolls hats and cardigan, socks and stockings from high-quality yarn. I often use the elements of embroidery in dresses. In each creation my love and fine laborious work are enclosed. It is a great joy for me that you decided to settle one of my works in your cozy home!

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My exhibitions

And this is just the beginning


15th Anniversary of Pullip


15th Anniversary of Pullip: Clothes

Moskow. Russia

Doll salon

Moskow, Russia

Doll salon


Absolutely beautiful!! This outfit is a work of art. It is beautiful on my girls.


The doll is perfect. I like very much her make up and the outfits which came with the doll are amazing. Thank you very much 🙂


On the snowiest day we have had for a few years beautiful Trixie has arrived safely, yippee!!!! Oh my gosh she is so gorgeous Yulia...I love her so much and all her beautiful clothes, and her very own cat 🐈 When I opened your gift I was overcome, I have to admit I shed quiet a few tears. I’m so overjoyed at receiving your beautifully made Christmas box, it is incredibly kind of you and so thoughtful..


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Welcome to my magical world!



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