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My Eniva World

Welcome to my magical world!

I am Yulia Ryadinskaya, doll master from Russia. And I am Queen in my little world of Eniva. Magic pixies, fairies, elegant ladies and beautiful nymphs, cute animals and many other magical creatures live here. You can see all of them in my works: in custom dolls, in BJD dolls, textile dolls, teddy or knitted toys. In each of my creations, there is a particle of my soul and my love for my beautiful world. I hope that you will love my world as much as I do. And put a piece of it in your home .


LIVE YOUR MAGIC and follow your dreams!

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My creative process

from concept to implementation


From the very beginning of my work back in 2012, I have chosen the path of a professional. Of course, I did not immediately become a world-class master, but my goal has always been unsurpassed quality. I looked up to the best. Now I know they look up to me!

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In my blog, I reflect my creative process: from concept to implementation. I also share moments from my life, a collection of my dolls and toys. I am writing about what inspires me.



Work process

I attach great importance to photographs. I always try to find the light I need. Through photography, I try to convey my ideas and vision.


Work process

I use only natural materials, because I care about nature and always live in harmony with nature. This is my lifestyle!



Work process

Right now I have few videos of my dolls and workflow. But I have plans to create as many videos as possible.


Thanks for your feedback!

May 09, 2018

Spring collection pullip clothes. Pearl

Absolutely beautiful!! This outfit is a work of art. It is beautiful on my girls.

August 29, 2018

Ma petite Selena

The doll is perfect. I like very much her make up and the outfits which came with the doll are amazing. Thank you very much 🙂

July 09, 2017

Cutie bunny: Easter

OMG this sweet bunny is so beautiful! I love her precious face! So very happy she is mine! Yulia was very sweet& kept informed of her progress! And her special box is also a work of art! Very very pleased! 😍😍


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    Welcome to my magical world!



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